What is Sustainability and Fair Trade?

Date:May 7, 2019
Time:1 min read

What is Sustainability and Fair Trade?

I've seen sustainability and fair trade used often. While I had a loose understanding of what it meant, mostly because I've seen it used for marketing products, I never quite understood the details of what made something sustainable or fair trade.

After a trip to Ocean Park in Hong Kong, I developed a loose understanding of what 'sustainability' meant. The takeaway was that most forms of commercialized fishing was not sustainable, but individually fishing for what you would need was sustainable. So, it would seem a lot of what we're doing now for commercial gain is actually rather...unsustainable. That's not good for our world.

Later, I was led to question how sustainability ties into agricultural practices. This article is summarizes key findings and highlights of what sustainability is and how it's defined. I'll also do the same for fair trade.

Sustainability, Defined.