A Week of Learning: Google Cloud, Google Analytics & Content Marketing

Date:November 20, 2019
Time:2 min read

I began this week with the goal of making the most of my 2 months of Qwiklabs Access to better understand Google Cloud Services. To this end, I've already acquired 6 badges! While I already learned a lot over the summer as a result of migrating services over to Google Cloud infrastructure (and subsequently learned some of the challenges of Google Cloud in the newer regions), I was pretty excited to discover the Natural Language ML/AI functionality available on Google Cloud. This is probably noticeable from the majority of my badges being centered around ML/AI.

This is primarily because I had already been thinking of ways to leverage this kind of capability for my writing app, which is now an app for bloggers, particularly developer bloggers, though I've also identified 2 other potential bloggers: content marketers and academics.

In addition to learning more about Google Cloud Services, particularly the data engineering features, which I surprisingly also find pretty interesting, I've also started doing research on what makes a good article a good article, and what entices people to read. This led me to Growth Machine and Nat Eliason's site. I don't even remember how I heard about him - it was from a podcast or some interview, I believe. While I'm admittedly too cheap right now to pitch in for the course, I went ahead and searched on Google for other resources and found a course on Coursera about Content Marketing and began this course.

I was also a bit surprised to find this content rather interesting. I've always enjoyed storytelling, and content marketing is all about storytelling! I ended the day with dabbling in Google Analytics and taking a Google Analytics Academy course to round out my understanding of the online sales funnel.

In reviewing all this, I realize I have quite a bit to tweak for the copy on my sites. As this site is more a personal record for the year ahead, I don't care as much who reads this, haha. Though I think I will try to blog more regularly to track my progress and progression through the year as I work to build out Blockii. I now have more work for building out just another key element for Blockii. The work never ends!

Though, with all I've learned, I'm starting to wonder if I've found a refined niche other than "Vue.js" development. Maybe some hybrid of data engineering, marketing, and analytics is the way to go, all delivered in a Vue.js app, hah! That might be too much though. Things to think about...


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