Pivot 2020

Pivot 2020

Date:May 19, 2020
Time:3 min read

It's now almost mid-year. I promised myself I'd dedicate the earlier part of the year to my product idea, and I'm proud to announce that Blokii exists. It's still not much, but I've had a lot of time to explore the potential user base, different business models, and different product features, and I'm quite excited about where it can go next.

The goal was never to stay on it full-time though. I was pretty certain there was no way I could generate revenue from it without a following, but I needed the time to understand what that might look like. Even now, I think there's a few different directions Blokii can go, but for the time being, it will remain a bootstrapped side-hustle. The possibilities with Open Source are quite exciting, yet there needs to be a easy to use framework in place to make it adaptable by a larger audience. Things to work on.

So, what's next?

The past couple of months have taught me quite a lot. Technically, I'm not sure I learned new things; I just didn't listen to the wiser me. I was optimistic and hopeful. Guess I shouldn't have let my feelings get in the way of making decisions, haha. But that's what being human is, I guess.

As an aside, I've been reading up on MBTI Personality types again, and it's been quite a fascinating read to see how much I've changed through the years (or not changed). Entrepreneurship has made me more open to exploring possibilities that I likely would have shied away from in the past.

While I haven't quite decided what's next, a recent walk in the park has inspired me to re-visit interesting problems uncovered a year ago. A recent blog post has also inspired me to re-think what it means to set myself apart from other freelancers, and how to establish myself as a specialized consultant.

So, tenatively, I think it's time for a re-brand. What I do won't change much, but how I present myself must.

The Problem

A year ago, when I was working with a startup in an accelerator program, I learned about how KPIs were used to gauge a startup's progress. Every startup is different, and every startup has indicators that can determine the health of the startup. Quantifying and obtaining reliable metrics is hard.

The Solution

There's many ways to assess a platform or product. I'll focus on Saas products, because that's where I've worked my whole career. I'll work with tech startups - early-stage and series-funded, to make more sense of the data they have to forecast and predict user behavior, so that they can define growth strategies, present investors with useful metrics to show their progress, and address issues that are surfaced from these metrics. The how will vary, but I plan to use my technical skills in some capacity to help startups.

The Journey

While there's a lot I do know, there's also a lot I don't know, so in order to successfully complete this pivot, I'll need to conduct more research on how to offer optimal solutions with this angle in mind. Things I think I'll need to research include:

  • Common KPIs
  • User Behavior Research
  • Consulting Workflow Process
  • Dashboard Setups
  • Creating New Metrics

There's clearly a lot to do, so I should get started.

Until Next Time

Time to get busy. I'll update again soon.


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