Become a Better Blogger

When I came to reflect on why I decided to freelance, I realized how much writing had become a part of my life. I began this journey to work on an app I had to help writers. That idea ultimately pivoted as I thought through different business models and realized how impractical it was.

While I always wrote for fun - typically creative fiction - I struggled to write on technical subjects. I do think this is partly because as much as I enjoy coding, I don't enjoy it enough, haha. But I came to realize that I do enjoy writing about...writing. I became very interested in habit building. Self-employment requires so much discipline that habit building and developing good, productive habits is vital for a successful freelancing career.

As I learned more on these subjects, I realized others would likely benefit from this knowledge as well. That's when I decided to launch the Become a Better Blogger Series on

That's where that series will primarily reside. And hopefully, I'll be able to find an audience for another idea brewing...

Update: Become a Better Blogger Series has now moved to, where it will reside with a new idea I'm working on - the Blokii Editor, and the Blokii Reader.